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Rhino App
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Floating License
Technical Support
Email, Slack Chat
Email, Slack Chat
1-On-1 Support *
2 hours
Billing Options **
Extra Services ***
Volume Licensing
Pricing ****
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50% Discount "Launch2204"
Volume Discount

* 1-on-1 Support can include: installation support, software introduction, project file setup. You can also add support separately, please contact us about it.
** Billing options include standard Stripe payment options plus invoicing
*** Services include: custom training, custom project support and custom software development. Please contact us about it.
**** All prices are per License, excluding local taxes and billed annually. All local taxes calculated by Stripe at checkout.


SIMO Questions

Are they floating network licenses?
__Yes. All team licenses have the same license. We use our own online licensing service, no local network software necessary.

Do you have educational licenses? 
__ Yes, please contact us with proof of status. Teachers, students and IT labs (volume purchase) can all apply for education licenses.

Are updates included?
__Yes, we update the software regularly and you receive updates while your license is valid.
What documentation is provided is provided?
__Video tutorials, sample files for Rhino and Grasshopper, and written documentation
__All the Grasshopper components have detailed help texts and the Rhino plugin has user messages.
What support is provided?
__For all users we provide a Slack space for chatting and a support email.  
__For Plus customers, we provide 1-on-1 (virtual or physical) training and project support. More hours can be added if needed.

Do you have a product brochure for my managers and IT staff?
__Yes, please contact us and we can send you material to help.
Ideas and Feature Requests
I have an idea for SIMO, can you build it?
__We are very open to your new ideas, feedback and helping you design better cities.
__Please contact us with any new features that you need for your work.