SIMO 2 is here!

Integrated urban design, planning and development software for teams.


Built by urban experts

SIMO enables teams to create sustainable, equitable, beautiful cities for every community.

 SIMO is the only Computational Digital Twin for creating cities. Design, engineer and plan urban developments faster, better, easier, different.

UIM standard

No data standard existed for integrated urban development, so we created the Urban Information Model standard for you.

SIMO apps

We provide plugins for Rhino and Grasshopper plus our standalone SIMO Dashboard for data visualization and analysis


We incorporate international and unique metrics such as MXI ratio (Mixed Use Index) and allow you to add custom user data.


All 3 apps give you realtime data feedback. Get general or specific data about your model. Filtering and Querying works out of box.


Harmonized 3D and Data Visualization graphic templates means you can easily export all your graphics for international presentations

Team Speed

Combine design intuition with iteration and data analysis to design and discover your project faster, easier, better.

SIMO by Spatiomatics

SIMO is the only purpose-made software for creating integrated Urban Information Models, and we're just getting started!
SIMO enables teams to create sustainable, equitable, beautiful cities for every community
Rhino Windows App
Grasshopper Windows App
Data Dashboard App
International Urban Standards
International Urban Metrics
UIM Standard
UIM.json Standard
Custom Graphics
Project Examples
Online Tutorials
Online Support


  • Rapid urban development process
  • Detailed realtime project data analysis
  • Detailed realtime data visualization
  • Flexible collaboration workflows
  • Quick and easy to learn and deploy
  • Extensive tutorials, guides, tips and training
  • Fully integrates with your existing Rhino and Grasshopper workflows on Windows
  • Supports projects from X-Small to X-Large
  • Customizable graphic presentation styles
  • Simply model in Rhino as you normally do while Grasshopper auto-computes for you
  • Analyze your project with phasing
  • Create very simple or very detailed 3D urban models, SIMO supports both
  • Plug SIMO and UIM data into all your current Grasshopper scripts and worfklows


  • Rhino Model as Database, no external databases to manage
  • Simple floating licenses, no network license servers to manage
  • Extensive spatial analysis and urban metrics, including MXI, FSI, GSI and OSR
  • Realtime JSON file streaming
  • Setup custom data analysis pipelines using the UIM.json file
  • International graphic styles and naming conventions
  • Partner with Spatiomatics to customize UIM to your specific needs
  • Active development team
  • Multidisciplinary integration and collaboration. Contact us if you have ideas and needs to be supported